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Extreme Life, Biospeology & Astrobiology

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Volume 5(1)/2013

First pages, 2013 ELBA Bioflux 5(1):i-vi.

Chaturvedi M., Kataria N., 2013 Assessment of role of antioxidants in erythrocytes of Marwari goat from arid tracts in India to evaluate oxidative stress. ELBA Bioflux 5(1):1-8.

Maan R., Kataria N., Pilania P. K., Sharma A., Sankhala L. N., Kataria A. K., 2013 Fluctuations of serum glutathione reductase activities due to changes in extreme ambient temperatures in Marwari sheep from arid tracts. ELBA Bioflux 5(1):9-13.

Pachaury R., Godara A., Kataria A. K., 2013 Plasmid profiling and detection of LT and ST (enterotoxin) genes in E. coli isolates from diarrhoeic calves, kids and lambs. ELBA Bioflux 5(1):14-20.

Paulines M. J. S., Pahila I. G., Nillos M. G. G., Primavera K. H., 2013 Cellulolytic activity of tropical marine rotifer (Brachionus rotundiformis). ELBA Bioflux 5(1):21-27.

Abrenica-Adamat L. R., Bermudo E. E., Torres M. A. J., Dupo A. L. B., Demayo C. G., 2013 Describing frequency of occurrence, size and stabilimentum-building behavior of four species of orb-web building Argiope spiders. ELBA Bioflux 5(1):28-37.

Tizon R. U., Serrano Jr. A. E., Traifalgar R. F., 2013 Digestive enzyme activities of Angelwing calm (Pholas orientalis) exhibit semi-diurnal patterns. ELBA Bioflux 5(1):38-46.

Azarpanah A., Alizadeh O., Dehghanzadeh H., 2013 Investigation on proline and carbohydrates accumulation in Zea mays L., under water stress condition. ELBA Bioflux 5(1):47-54.

Kataria N., Sharma S., Arora S., Mohammad N., Maan R., Abhimanu S., Kataria A. K., 2013 Extreme ambient temperature associated variations in enzyme markers of carbohydrate metabolism in Rathi calves from arid tracts. ELBA Bioflux 5(1):55-60.

Tizon R. U., Serrano Jr. A. E., Traifalgar R. F., 2013 Influence of photoperiod on digestive enzyme activities of the Angelwing clam (Pholas orientalis). ELBA Bioflux 5(1):61-68.

Pricop E., 2013 Identification key to European genera of the Mymaridae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea), with additional notes. ELBA Bioflux 5(1):69-81.

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